Daughter, speak to the multitude. Behold the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride.

Look and see the black horse; his rider holds a pair of scales in his hand. For across the nations on earth will come mass starvation. The crops will be destroyed or not planted, and those crops that are available will be unaffordable to most. The days of plenty have ended. The days of want are here. Many will die from this death. Plague and pestilence will continue to ravage the nations.

Look and see the pale horse and his rider. New plagues and outbreaks will be noted worldwide. More deaths and confinement and house arrests will be seen. A mental health crisis will cause the authorities to take drastic measures to control the people. Military police will be called to the cities to contain the violence outbreaks. Police will be stationed in all schools and public meeting places. Armed guards will be patrolling public events, festivals, concerts and fairs. Martial law will be declared.

Look and see. The red horse and his rider come. World war and the new world order go hand in hand. Nation after nation, country after country will be swept into war. The Glorious Kingdom is suddenly upon you. Jesus is returning are you ready?

Source: Behold the four horseman of the apocalypse ride – Barbara Francis

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