“Come, My dear precious daughter, sit at My feet and listen to My words.

My daughter, put everything aside and look only at Me, your Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth who came in the flesh, the lover of your soul. Ask My Holy Spirit to help you to focus on Me, so that when you have only Me in your eyes, you will not feel anything else, but only My presence and My love for you.

My daughter, do not focus your attention on what is happening around you, but focus your whole mind and heart on Me, the husband of your soul, Jesus Christ, who came in the flesh. Know that I, the Creator of heavens and earth, Am in charge of all that is in heavens and earth, that no spiritual or physical beings or things can touch you without My permission. You are My beautiful bride, My beloved bride, whoever touches you touches Me.

I know you are eagerly awaiting My appearance, My coming. Hold on, My precious, the day of My coming is very near.

Many of My children do not want to believe and accept the fact that I Am coming soon. They say that they belong to Me, but never want to take the time to come to Me to receive life; they are busy running through the world, hoping to get things about Me and My words from the mouths of others, but never want to take the time to be quiet in My presence, to read My words, to learn Me and to get to know Me from the Bible that I have given to you.

My children, you don’t have much time left now. Look around you and listen to what’s happening in your world, doesn’t that make you start to wake up?

Your world is about to collapse, your lives will be completely and forever changed, everything you love will be gone from you, and yet, you still want to believe in a world that is determined to destroy you?

Wake up, My children, if you do not wake up now, and repent of your sins, return to Me, you will slumber until you wake up in the pit of hell, when it will be too late, and eternal torment will be your destiny.

The great disaster is on the horizon. Many countries have already experienced lockdown one after another, but an even crazier lockdown is coming soon, a pandemic worse than COVID-19, a plague that the whole world will fear.

My children, are you all ready? Have you all put your house in order? Where will you run to when judgments come down, the earth splits open and people fall one by one around you? To whom will you cry out?

Come to Me, the Creator who created you is your refuge, your help whenever you are in trouble; call on Me, for all who call on Me, the name of Jesus Christ, who came in the flesh, will be saved.

My children, I Am a God of grace and mercy, full of abundant love, slow to anger, the Lord Almighty; come to Me, I have mighty to save you. Humble yourselves now, fall on your knees before Me, confess your sins, and sin no more; spend time with Me, read My words with My Holy Spirit, quiet your hearts, and listen to the small, still voice; give Me all your cares, that I may comfort you, help you, guide you, and show you the way you should go.

I love you, My precious children, time is running out, come to Me now, do not hesitate, do not delay, or it will be too late!

The door of the ark will not remain open forever, while it is not completely closed, squeeze yourselves in now with all your might and enter into the ark of Me, Jesus Christ. While the world is completely in the midst of the raging storms of the evil one, you can rest in Me and enjoy all that My Father has given you before the foundation of the world——to live with Us forever in heaven.

I love you, come now, do not delay, do not postpone, for tomorrow is not promised to you, you have only today, right now, this moment!

Your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ”

Please take everything to the Lord in prayer

God richly Bless,


Source: The great disaster is on the horizon – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

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