“I AM a Covenant-Keeping God, and you are My Child!”

“Beloved, I AM a Covenant-Keeping God. Surely, I tell you there is no good thing that I would withhold from you, for I have not left you as orphans in this world to defend, to protect and to provide for yourselves.

But rather, I have grafted you in, made you My Own. I call you Sons and Daughters. All that I AM, and all that I have, belongs to you.

My Angel Armies are at your command, and My vast and Unlimited Resources are at your disposal, for I have set no limitations or boundaries to what I have made available for you, My Children.

AM I not Wisdom? AM I not Power and Strength? AM I not Justice and Righteousness?

AM I not Comfort and Healing? AM I not Peace, an ever-present Help, a Safe Hiding Place from every danger? AM I not Love and Victory?

Yes Beloved! I AM a Covenant-Keeping God, and you are My Child.

If you will stir up expectation and anticipate My Help and My Deliverance in this hour, I will not fail you, for those who put their Hope in Me, shall never be disappointed.

Fear Not! For I AM Light, and though the path ahead may seem dark, unsure and even unsettling, I shall go ahead of you to level the Mountains and fill in the Valleys — even the crooked paths shall be straightened — and a Highway shall be built for you, that will lead you to The Land of Promises, where My Abundance and Beauty Overflows.

Did I not say I would work all things together for your good?

For My heart yearns for you, and My Love hunts you down daily.

AM I not a Jealous God? Jealous over you? For I delight in preparing a Table for you in the presence of your enemies — a table of abundance, satisfaction, and everlasting love — a place of feasting on My Grace and endless supply.

What enemy can ever take it away?

For My Oil is poured out upon your heads, Anointing you for Victory and everlasting Life, for I AM a Covenant Keeping God and you are My Child.

Abide In Me and I shall Abide in you, for this is a Love Relationship that is not overbearing and controlling, but a Love Covenant that is fruit bearing and liberating, a Love Relationship that is not founded on religious rituals, but a Divine and Royal Seal, birthed in The Secret Place and in the deeper realms of The Spirit, where a heart to heart connection is formed, fashioned and takes flight.

Beloved, so come, eat and be fully satisfied, and let My Love draw you out and send you forth as Ministers of My Mercy and Grace into a hungry and starving world.

You shall go forth into the highways and the by-ways and multitudes shall be fed from the baskets that are filled with the crumbs and the leftovers you have gathered from the Overflow of My Blessings and Bounty that you have received.

For I AM a Covenant-Keeping God — and you are My Child!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Source: You Are the Child of a Covenant-Keeping God ~by Veronika West

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