Transcript: “Preservation. Decay. Death. Sound the alarm. Chaos. Widespread panic. Mildew. Lockdown. Disease. Plagues. Graves. Genocide. Rape. Angel of Death. Plead My blood. Political corruption. Are you in the ark? My children… Are you ready for what’s coming? Tribulation saints, do you realize that’s who you are? My word is a lamp unto your path (Psalm 119:105). Those who resonate with My rhema messages have My seal. The letter of My law is not what you are to keep but the spirit. Listen for My voice to guide you. You will navigate by My Spirit. Triumph! Triumph over the dark times ahead. Many will go astray. Know they were never Mine (1 John 2:19). Those who are Mine will be of one accord (Philippians 2:2). You will find each other as days pass. My Spirit will speak. Pay attention. Look for My fruit in people, but not perfection. Come together under My wing; there are provisions there. Generations must cooperate together. Enough of sticking your noses up at each other. You must work together to build. Survival depends on it. ~ Yeshua”

Video at Source: Triumph! – April Denise Stefko

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