“I AM stretching you, not stressing you,” says The LORD.

“You will not be like a balloon that is about to burst! I AM breathing into you The Breath of My Spirit that is enlarging you, expanding you, and preparing you for what I have for you.

“For your capacity was not large enough to contain what I will give you. The increase is coming! Enlarge your boarders! Pull up the tent pegs and prepare to expand on each side.

“For I AM enlarging you and preparing you for the increase. You are not becoming weaker, but I have strengthened you.

“The trying of your faith is not destroying you, but has fortified your patient faith and trust in Me. You are not a wimp, but a mighty, valiant warrior that is being equipped for the front lines,” says The LORD.

“I AM preparing you for the greater works that you will do for My Kingdom,” says The LORD.

“For your repositioning and commissioning will be in accordance to your endurance and unbending, unwavering faith and trust in Me and My infallible Word.

“Surely I have strengthened you and fortified you like a walled city, and given you mighty, infallible weapons that will overpower the enemy and destroy his diabolical works, even as I have come to do.

“I will assign you to the heat of the battle with the holy boldness that I AM downloading into you, and you will be a fierce opponent of the darkness that is around you with the light of My glory that cannot be extinguished.

“I will fill you with the fire of My Spirit and cause you to conquer the enemy that is on every side and trample him underfoot.

“Undefeated and uncontested will My mighty warriors be who have endured hardness as good soldiers and kept the faith in Me.

“They will defeat the enemy, set the captives free, and conquer the land for My Kingdom and Glory,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD is Stretching, Not Stressing You! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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