Scriptural Reference: Please Read Isaiah Chapter 61 Verses 1– 11

Yes, it is the Year of Sorrows and this Fall will see the fall of many, for many, many reprobates will fall into the streets, in the doorways, in their dwellings. A stench will rise in your lands from the coming plague.


I AM will save a remnant, for you are not the children of pharaoh. For you have chosen your Creator Father God the Almighty, which makes you children of Goshen. I AM has prepared a nest for you, My Barley Darlings. My Wings will cover you from the storm that rages outside your doors, off your lands, that surrounds you (Read Psalm 91 daily).

Psalm 57 Verse 2 (partial)
“In the shadow of the wings seek refuge, til the disaster be past.”
Another Translation:
“And in the shadow of the wings will I hope, until iniquity pass away.”

Be at Peace. Calm your fears. Let go of a dying world. The Past Is Dead! Even if the curtain has not fallen on this staged destruction of your Babylon World Culture, for your eyes to see. I AM will sweep it all away in a twinkling of an eye, long before the Last trumpet sounds.

Remember There Is Only Love and You Will Be Judged on It Alone!

Source: A Message For The Barley Only – Pollox

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