Since the garden man and woman have chosen to ignore my instructions and warnings. Man’s nature is evil. There are only a few righteous and they are persecuted. I see man’s research and experiments in the name of science. Man listens to the fallen ones using their knowledge to pursue their own evil agendas. I have given you my book of life’s instructions and rules to base your societies on. I have showed you good and evil. Man’s demise will be from his own making and his refusal of me and my truth. Then he will have to answer to me, I AM. Each day I see more and more heinous behavior and utter disregard to my commandments and statutes. The apocalypse has begun; the seals are breaking. Soon the thunders will be unleashed. I will wipe clean the threshing floor. I am grieved by what I see, and the abominations must end. My Jewels shine brightly. They are light in the darkness they have been called and anointed since the foundation. They will spend eternity with me. Calamity is coming. I will destroy the ungodly and perverse as I did in the past. Repent and pray to escape the wrath. Calm always comes before the storm.

Source: Calamity Is Coming – Barbara Francis

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