Auto Generated Transcript:

There will be a sudden climate change. Where there was ice and snow, there will be heat and sun. Where there was sun and heat, there will be ice and snow. A drastic change in temperature and weather conditions. Pray your flight will not be in Winter (I heard that a thousand times).

Your wide Coast will be destroyed. Your seaports will be under water in the east. I did this before when man seeked after the forbidden knowledge. I put him and his technology under the ocean’s water. Pray your flight is not in winter.  You will have to escape to a safe place.  You will have to flee the cities. Flee from the slaughter and madness.  Flee from the plagues and death. The dead bodies will be burned in the streets.  Military will go door to door collecting dead bodies.  Pray you are worthy to escape the coming wrath. My Cup of Wrath overflows on the wicked and evildoers.

Matthew 24

Source: Sudden Climate Change – Barbara Francis

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