“Believe Me for unusual miracles,” says The LORD.

“Expect new Signs and Wonders that are not yet known. For I AM a supernatural God who will invade the natural realm and wow you with My Power and Splendor and Glory.

“I will put Myself on display as I demonstrate My Power in the midst of you in the coming days. For I AM unlimited and have no boundaries and have no limitations.

“I AM not subject to anything or anyone and will do what I please. I AM not bound by what was, for I create and make all things new,” says The LORD.

“Expect that signs and wonders will follow those who believe, for I will validate and confirm by Word by performance in the midst of you,” says The LORD.

“I do not follow the rules of man and AM not subject to anyone’s dogma or religious rituals. I will not come under the thumb of manmade authorities.

“New is new and I will do a new thing and show Myself to be strong on your behalf. I will raise up a new breed of radical worshipers who will not be silenced and will not quit.

“I AM equipping them to do great feats for My Kingdom and they will be bold and strong enforcers of My Kingdom, and I will manifest My power and glory and bring a mighty revival in the midst of them,” says The LORD.

Source: Believe For Unusual Miracles ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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