“As I AM, so are you in your life. As I AM so are YOU in the earth,” says The Father.

“You are even as I AM. I AM HOLY therefore, you are HOLY. You are My precious purchased possession. I have scrawled My Name upon your heart and upon your forehead — even the name that makes the demons tremble.

You are My Branch for I have grafted you in. I have taken you from the root of sin and death and planted in you the in root of Jesse even the root and branch of David of old.

There is Davidic purpose in you,” says The Father.

“The heart of David is the heart that is being reproduced in you for I have purposed to bestow upon you the favor that I bestowed upon King David.

It is time to empty your hands. Come to Me empty handed,” says The Father.

“It is My un-merited favor that is producing in your life. Just bring yourself and make yourself available to Me. Be spendable. Be sendable,” says The Father.

“Lean forward into My grace. Trust in what I have demonstrated Myself willing to do in your life. I have no other demonstration than the cross. I have no other demonstration of My willingness to act in your behalf. Look to The Cross,” says The Father.

“Let The Cross be enough. Don’t make promises to Me as a condition of answered prayer. Silence the foolish vows for they only bind you and exclude you from what I was already willing to do.

The only condition of answered prayer is what My Son did on the cross and your confidence in that provision.

I AM installing within you a threat avoidance system. You are going to escape the snare that the enemy has laid out for you.

Even as I avoided out of the presence of those who wanted to take My life I have given you the ability to sidestep the plans of the enemy and the threats of those who unwittingly put themselves in opposition to My Plans and promises for you. Lay down and rest,” says The Father.

“Let your sleep be sweet. I will commune with you on your bed, and you will arise in the morning with fresh instructions from The Throne.

Know this is a NOW time for you,” says The Father.

“Enter into My now time. There are things you have placed as an object of vague indefinite hope that I AM willing to act on now.

Lay hold of your now and know that it is your NOW that I am bringing to pass. Go forth and do exploits for your name shall be known even as My name is known for you are the child of your Father in heaven and as your Poppa I will protect and defend and guide in you all things this day.”

Source: You Shall Escape Every Snare of the Enemy ~by Prophet Russell Walden

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