“Make Way! Make Way! Make Way!”

I saw a Red Carpet being rolled out between a crowd of people.

All were cheering, waving their hands, banners, mattahs, and palm branches in the air. The carpet extended as far as I could see.

“The King is coming! The King is coming!” began to rise up among the people. First softly, then it began to get louder and louder.

I looked around to see what I could see. Hmmmm. There He was, on His White Stallion in the distance, on the Red Carpet.

The LORD sat serenely without budging on His Horse, while His Stallion pranced and danced his way down the Red Carpet, proudly bearing King Jesus!

I thought about all the times when I rode my horses in the past, as they had excitedly pranced and danced their way to wherever we were going.

You have to have a relationship with your horse, so the horse anticipates and listens to your seamless commands without notice by others and it seems like you are One together.

It’s that same way in your relationship with The LORD. He already knows you inside and out, so it’s up to you to keep up your half of the team in knowing The LORD, so that when the command comes the enemy never knew what hit him, because he never saw it coming! You become as One with The LORD and the enemy loses all the more!

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” The LORD laughs at the enemy.

The enemy will soon, in the days ahead begin to be hit on every side. Those who serve him, will as well.

There will be a few evils who are convicted and turn their hearts to Me and earn their reward. But many have sold their souls and turned their backs to Me, embracing the reprobate life.

“Woe to those who chose to follow the enemy through their own words and actions. Willing to give up their soul for fame, fortune, control, power, and more.

Whatever they wanted initially, they were given in the trade-off for their soul. Whatever they wanted initially, they were given in the trade-off for their soul.

Many knew little of what they were really getting as the spirit of lust and greed for “things” became more important than their soul.

It grieves Me as I gave the life of My Son for all sins. Yet so many refused My Gift and have forsaken Me, because in their free will they thought they knew better than Me.

Soon much will change and many will wake up. Many hearts will be turned to Me, as My judgement sweeps the world and people realize who is really God, who created them, who can save them, and who is their LORD.

WATCH and SEE! Remember I AM coming on My White Stallion! Once you see Me, you won’t forget Me!”

God Bless You!

Source: Make Way! Make Way!! Make Way!!! ~by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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