“I will rain down The Fire of My Spirit in an unprecedented way,” says The LORD.

“I will ignite. I will excite! I will pour it out, pour it down, pour it in, and pour it out of you. For I AM a God who answers by Fire!

“I AM a consuming Fire! I will burn up the tares with unquenchable heat. I will remove the chaff as I cause The Wind of My Spirit to blow it away.

“I will invade with My Holy Fire and destroy the works of the enemy. I will burn up his weapons. I will destroy the destructive venom of the evil one.

“I will destroy with My mighty fire cancer cells, tumors, cysts, sickness, diseases, infirmities, afflictions, fear, anxiety, depression and all manner of evil and destructive weapons of the enemy,” says The LORD.

“I will empower you with My Holy Fire,” says The LORD.

“It is wild fire and unquenchable. I will set you ablaze in My Fire and Glory. For this is the new that I will do, and it has already begun.

“It is spreading and growing and moving across the nations. I will bring healing and deliverance and do mighty works among you that will wow you.

“I will perform creative miracles in your midst. I will increase the Signs and Wonders and My Glory will fill the earth.

“I will fill you with My Holy Fire, and cause you to burn for Me as a shining light in the darkest regions of the world.

“I will make a spectacle of you as I did the burning bush that was not consumed. Are you ready for the spectacular?

“Are you ready to be My peculiar vessel? Are you ready to be ablaze with My Fire and Glory?

“I AM ready, and whosoever will may come and be baptized in My Fire, and I will show Myself to be strong and powerful in the midst of them, and they will carry My Fire and impart more fires that will burn throughout the nations of the world,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD Will Rain Down the Fire of His Spirit ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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