I believe it was Leonard Ravenhill who said something like this:

“There’s a moment coming to all of us, just after we step into heaven, when we’ll all wish we’d been a little more holy!”

The LORD Himself said,

“Be thou Holy even as I am holy!” Leviticus 11:45,19:2.

On September 13, 2019, The LORD had me start a Prayer Group called ‘Ten Minute Prayer Initiative’, aimed at encouraging members to spend ten minutes each day in prayer, preferably on their knees.

The ten minutes was to allow five minutes praying for personal holiness, and five minutes for revival. There is a sub-group for personal prayer requests.

The thinking behind it was very simple — first, Pray for Revival.

But then spend the rest of the time praying for ourselves, and I’m sure our loved ones too, for personal holiness.

The group is running at something over 1800 members.

So, today I heard our pastor say that we need to “get back to personal holiness!”

It struck a loud gong in my spirit, and I heard The LORD chuckle. Then He said, “I had to grab your attention somehow, and I knew you’d listen to pastor!”


He continued, “There’s so much that many pastors today are turning a blind eye to. Lots of ‘little sins’ — and a fair number of ‘bigger sins’ too!

It’s all sin to Me, and it’s all so displeasing, and it takes The Church down to the level of the world.

I AM coming for a Spotless Bride — and there’s precious few at the moment.

How can The Church call for and expect Revival, if they are a grubby Church?

My Word says that, “Judgement begins in the house of The LORD,” (1 Peter 4:17).

Does that ring no alarms at all?

My People had better believe it, for as I said once, a long time ago, “MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN” meaning, “You have been weighed and found wanting”!

Today’s church, for the greater part, has also been weighed and found wanting! They need to return to holiness, before they’re fully ready for Revival, otherwise they will miss out on so much I have for them!”

So there you have my message for today.

It’s time for us all to be, as Ravenhill put it, a little more holy — because The LORD is Holy!

It’s time to get the ‘tolerated’ sin out of The Church — because God will not tolerate sin any longer!

Source: Greater Holiness ~by Chris G. Bennett

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