Those who claim to know Me, yet do not seek Me are following in the steps of the Pharisees.

Those who calculate ways to destroy those doing My work will surely pay for the sin of working with Satan.

Man cannot place himself above another, boasting of his closeness to Me, yet work to destroy those actively seeking the salvation of souls.

Let those without sin cast the first stone. No man is free of sin.

The Pharisees sat in the synagogue plotting the demise of the Son of God while He traveled, working for Me, to win souls, saving the lost, casting out devils, healing the sick, and baptizing all those who desired it.

What work did the Pharisees do for My kingdom while sitting in the synagogue acting holy? Yes, I said acting holy. For the love of God dwells not in them.

Many believe it is their job to call out those who are actively working for Me, traveling, spreading My word at this difficult time. Some have been arrested for My names sake while bringing hope to the lost, setting the captive free, baptizing those who have waited patiently while the churches set a day and a time.

I ask you this, where are the accusers of My people who follow My instruction to bring the lost from darkness to the light?

Shall we look in the synagogue for those hiding behind the pulpit? Pretending they hear from Me, while fearful to stand for Me in public.

Seek Me while there is yet time.


Source: Following In The Steps Of The Pharisees – Cherrie Archer

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