As I was in prayer for hours, The LORD interrupted My Prayer with a Holy Pause as He dictated this Word of Warning to the unrighteous and His Promise of Vindication to His holy Remnant.

“Will you mock? Will you scorn? Will you ridicule? Will you defile My house with your detestable things and worship the gods of gold and silver?

Will you defy My name and condemn the innocent? Who are you and what are you doing to decree curses upon My People, and laugh at My Prophets, and devise evil against them?

Did you not know that My very Breath is in your lungs? Did you not know that your life is in My Hands that created you?

You have feasted and partied at My Expense, but the party is almost over. I have another kind of Banquet for you to attend.

It will not be for your honor, but dishonor, even as My servant, Esther prepared a Banquet that was fitting for the king, and invited Haman.

His pride and arrogance brought him down. His diabolical plans and weapons forged against My People to destroy them became his fate.

I AM the God you mocked. I AM the God you laughed at. I AM the God whom you rejected.

You made yourself a god, and worshiped things that I created. You worshiped yourself. Did you not realize I created you?

You worshiped the work of your own hands, and bragged about the success that I allowed you to have. This will come to a sudden end,” says The LORD.

“Your laughter will turn to tears. Your joy will be replaced with sorrow. I will turn things around, and My People will laugh.

My People will shout for joy. My People will rejoice when I shake the nations, shake economies, shake everything that can be shaken, and pour out My Holy indignation . I will avenge Myself of My adversaries,” says The LORD.

“Without further warning, the suddenly that you will experience will not be blessings, prosperity, and abundance.

The party is nearly over. As Belshazzar of old defiled the vessels that were set aside for My Service, and praised His own success, and worshiped the gods of silver and gold that do not exist, so shall it be with you.

The end of the party is coming. Vomit will fill your tables. Your drunken stupor will set you up for certain defeat. You will stagger and fall when I bare My Holy Arm.

You will have no other savior. You will not be able to prevail against Me.

I will arise and defend My Holy Name. I will stand alongside of My Church that is My Body, and they will not be able to be defeated.

I will loose them from their captives, and their chains that bound them will fall to the ground.

Their enemies will not have the final say. I do. The doors of the prison will be opened. The gates of the city will not lock them in as they are opened to them.

The enemy will not destroy My Name, My People, My Church. My People will rejoice in My Judgments.

They will rejoice as I avenge then of their adversaries that are also Mine. As they have travailed, they will suddenly bring to birth the new life that they have long awaited.

They will watch as the swords and arrows of their enemies enter into their own hearts. They will arise and shine, for their light has come.

I will glorify and beautify My Church that I have created. I will purify them, and they will not be ordinary.

They will do extraordinary feats for My Kingdom. They will be fearless. Their invisible weapons will have visible results.

Turnaround! The turnaround will be sudden! The shift will be violent, uncontrollable, so that no man, no organization, no entity can take the credit for it.

My Work will be sudden. Sudden judgment, sudden overthrow of the money exchangers and thieves and liars and destroyers of My People.

I will act, and put Myself on display as the only God Who arises to defend My Church, My Body, My People, My Beloved.

I will not be silent. My Church will not be defeated. I will empower them to overthrow the wicked and defeat the works of the devil.

They will be the ones to laugh, and the feast for My People will begin as I overpower the false gods, false authorities, and remove them. They will be cut off without remedy, and My People will triumph.

I AM a righteous and Holy God and I will bare My Holy Arm. I will rain down righteousness and execute justice and judgment and vindication.

I love Judgment and I hate robbery and extortion. I hate violence and murder. I hate the shedding of innocent blood. I hate pride and arrogance. I hate oppression. I hate lies and deceit and vainglory.”

“Enough!” says The LORD. “You will see who owns the earth that I created. You will know that I AM speaking when you see My Acts.

For your words have been stout against Me, but they will utterly fail and fall to the ground with you.

My Word endures forever, and I will not speak a powerless word . I will perform it, and you will know that My Words are not big and empty, but powerful, productive and will be performed,” says The LORD.

Source: Righteousness, Judgment and Justice ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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