8-12-22 7:40 am

Woe to the children who heed not My words. Theirs shall be the kingdom of destruction.

Woe to those that have been given truth and deny it thereof. The Lake of Fire is their destruction.

Woe to those who place themselves as ‘gods’ for theirs shall be the kingdom of torment.

Woe to those who defend sin and justify transgressions. For theirs will be an eternal darkness as these turn from the light of truth.

Repent therefore of sin. Turn from your evil ways. Live in the truth of My word.

There is but One Holy God, give up pride of self and follow Me.

Pride goeth before a fall. The proud, in their heart, hath said there is no God. I therefore tell you now that the prideful hath no place in My kingdom.

Man was created to walk with Me, not before Me, not behind Me.

When man is full of pride, he runs ahead into darkness thinking he knows the outcome. Without Me man is doomed to sin and fall into traps the evil one has set before him.

When man walks behind Me, he cannot hear instruction. He claims to know Me, after all, he follows Me. This is the man who will say, Lord did I not do all these things in Your name, and I will say to him on that day, “I never knew you.”

Those who follow Me, yet never truly walk with Me, walk at their own pace, doing as they wish. These are the ones who claim to know Me, yet have never humbled themselves to walk with Me and take My instruction.

Neither those behind, nor those who walk before listen for instruction. Nor do they ask Me to lead them in all truth.

Many claim to know Me but few walk with Me.

Repent! Humble yourselves and pray.


Source: Woe to those…. – Cherrie Archer

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