Part 2 by Sharlene Reimer (ThePropheticBride)

The Prophetic Bride

Vision #362 Aug 15/22 Mon evg evg Naval Attack- Souls Taken Either To Heaven Or Hell/Trump Takes A Return Tour of The White House/Deliverance Song/Significance of the Number #40


There were many marines/soldiers in the water that had died from an attack on their battleship. I forgot to mention that it was a US Naval Ship that was attacked. I’ve seen several previous visions of this same attack and mentioned them in Part 1.

I asked Jesus if those who had risen out of their bodies and were going to be taken to hell, could they see others like themselves and communicate with them? And Jesus answered, “They can only see themselves in the spirit. But they can see the scene as it is in the natural.” I understood that they would have been able to see the burning ship, the other bodies in the water but no…

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