Yesterday, August 21, 2022, I heard the music from the theme song of the television show “The Monkeys”, from the mid 60’s.

The words were adapted into a children’s song yesterday, but it was that tune. The television show started like this, “Here we come, walkin’ down the street…..”

So today, I heard the same music, but once again different words as The Holy Spirit sang it to me.

I thoroughly LOVE when He sings to me! Sometimes He makes me laugh so much!

“Here I come,
Walkin’ down the way,
Signs, wonders, and miracles,
that lead My way.

Hey, Hey My Glory,
Is comin’ to you soon!
I’m not wastin’ My time,
I’m bringin’ My Kingdom too!

Pray, watch, wait, and listen,
Worship and Honor Me!
For My time is upon you,
Just wait and see!

There’ll be much to see,
Hear, do, and places to go,
Don’t you know My REVIVAL,
Is MORE than you can HOPE!

I’m going places,
That never thought I’d show up!
I’m laughin’ at the devil,
Because he doesn’t wanta give up!

But watch Me move,
And shine for the devil’s too slow!
I’ve got him fully strangled,
And I’m not lettin’ go!

For I AM the One,
There’s no other like Me,
Don’t be a fool, but come!

Come watch Me and see,
The GREATEST HERO you’ll ever know,
There’s no other like Me,
I’m stealin’ his show!

You won’t get rid of Me,
There’s nothing he can do,
I’ve already won,
REPENT NOW, before it’s done!

Be careful whose side,
You choose this day to be on,
For I’m not playing around,

God Bless You!

Source: Here I Come… ~by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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