“You are significant,” says The LORD.

“I call you unforgettable. You are ever before Me and in the forefront of My Thoughts. I have good plans for you that I will carry out.

“What I think, I decree and declare over you. What I say, I perform. I never change My mind, and My thoughts and My Word will become your reality.

“Your times and seasons are in my hands, so do not fret about the pace that I set. Do not fret about the way that you take, for I know it.

“I know you. I have you in the palm of My Hands that formed you and provision you. You are not lost in the shuffle.

“I value you. I AM with you, and I will lead you into the fullness of your Destiny and complete you in Me.

“I will fully furnish you unto every good work that I have ascribed for your life, and you will be fulfilled,” says The LORD.

“I will use you for My Glory, and My Glory will be seen on you,” says The LORD.

“Your steps are not too fast or slow, for they are what I order. I AM preparing you. I AM downloading into you all that you will need for what I have assigned you to do.

“I will not forget you, and you will not be overlooked. The harvest that is great is before you, and you will reap a bountiful harvest for My Kingdom and Glory.

“You will sing the joyous songs along with the other reapers and be filled with exceeding joy. I AM the owner of the fields that are ripe for harvest, and I AM fully equipping you to work in My Field.

“Even as I said that your labors are not vain in Me, you will not look back at the times when the harvest failed, the wasted years, the lost opportunities, and the times that were unproductive, in light of what I will do with you for My Kingdom and by My Power and for My Glory, for the best is ahead, and you will not miss it,” says The LORD.

Source: Yes! You Are Significant ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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