“I have sent My Holy Angels across The Nations of the world to put a mark on all those who are righteous and call upon My Name,” says The LORD.

“They are Mine, and I will keep them day and night. I will protect them and provision them and preserve them for My name sake.

“I call them holy, for it is My Blood that sanctifies them and sets them apart for Me. I have set My seal upon whosoever comes to Me in faith in My finished work on The Cross.

“For I alone AM their God, and they shall be holiness unto Me,” says The LORD.

“This is a time of separation,” says The LORD.

“Come out of the darkness into My Light. Come up into My Presence and ascend into My Glory as you abandon yourselves onto Me and worship Me with all of your heart.

“Come and abide in Me. For you will be safe in Me, always, and you will be able to endure the most violent storms in your life as I shelter you in My Pavilion in My Presence.

“It is there that I will furnish a table before you as your enemies look on but cannot partake of it or touch you with any evil.

“I AM your all in all, and you do not have to fear the future. I have not appointed you to wrath, but have set you aside for My Glory.

“I AM your provider and health to all your flesh as you meditate upon Me and My infallible Word, dwell in Me and remain fixed in Me until the storm passes over,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD’s Holy Angels ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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