I see and hear a wave breaking gently on the shore somewhere.

It breaks with a gentle roar followed by that familiar whooshing sound as the sand and pebbles resist the waters retreat into the ocean.

The LORD speaks gently too, “The first waves of Awakening, Renewal, and Revival!

The roar is The Lion of the Tribe of Judah saying, ‘I AM here for you!’, and the whoosh is the sound of My People as they feel the refreshing of the wave landing, then resisting it leaving again, crying out for more!”

The LORD continues, “Yes, I AM sending My Holy Spirit gently at first.

A gentle wooing breeze blowing some of the cobwebs of lies and deceit away as He woos those who will listen to The Mercy Seat of My Love.

I will be releasing Him, wave after increasing wave, more and more, until He is roaring like a hurricane at full tilt.

That’s when I will also release The Lion of the Tribe of Judah to roar that fearful roar that only a lion can produce.

Watch as the children pick up on this before the adults do, as adults will suddenly realize what the children realized straight away — that My Spirit is moving among you!

I will amaze you with the manifestation of My Shekinah Glory. With Signs and Wonders — especially at the hands of children — I will woo My People.

Gently at first, but building to a great and mighty crescendo as the world slowly realizes the truth and power of My Name.

Of course, not all will recognize Me as many remain in rebellion.

They will continue to reject My Kingdom and their wickedness shall know no bounds, but many more will open their arms and their hearts to receive My Son and the salvation He offers.”

As I listened, God’s Voice faded quietly away and all that was left was a reminder of the gentle sound of surf on a beach somewhere!

Source: And So it Begins ~by Chris G. Bennett

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