“I will command My Blessings upon you,” says The LORD.

“They are without pain and problems attached. I will not burden you with My gifts, but enhance you with them. I will beautify you with My Presence and Glory that will be seen on you.

“My Light will be in you and shine forth from you, and you will be a lighthouse that will guide many to safety in the midst of the storms in their lives. The night season will not trouble you because of the light that is around you by My Spirit,” says The LORD.

“I AM your Comforter and have given you My Spirit to be a comforter to others,” says The LORD.

“Let the Love and compassion that I have continually given to you emulate from you. I will give you the power to overcome and you will be a strength to the weak.

“You will hold them up and keep them from falling as you are held up by Me. Fret not about the things that are coming upon the earth, even with swiftness, for the speed of My Spirit is greater, the power of My Presence unchangeable, and the fire of My Spirit superior.

“I cannot be overwhelmed with fear and nothing can threaten Me. Arise and shine as light in the darkest corners of the earth and be light to those who have not seen, not heard and not experienced My Presence, My Power and My Greatness.

“For as you live, you will be that written epistle, known and read by men, because of My light and life that is in you,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD Will Command His Blessings Upon You! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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