Hear the words of the Lord…

Rcv’d 11/12 pray for discernment and understanding (Acts 2:17)

Daughter, hear the words of the Lord’s. Tell them I love them. My love cannot be contained or measured. I the son of man.  JESUS the Christ came to redeem and free them of their sin not to be bound in bondage day after day. Be free my children.  Leave the old walk in your newfound life. I came to free the captives! I did not come to sacrifice in vain; let your walk not be in vain! Read my word; my people perish for ignorance. Read the truth for yourself. My helper will teach you. Want truth, breath truth, live truth. So much deception has gone out in the world, and you know not you have been deceived! Awaken my bride.  You are in a season unlike never before. Do not miss what I have for you, blessings you cannot contain. Cups will overflow for my true bride, and yes you will know them by their fruit! Truth will be told.  You can be a part of it or suffer the consequences. As I say, a blessing or a curse! Want what I give…Freedom, life.  Live my truth, want my love and all I have to give ♥️

I AM Love.

Jesus the Christ

Loved of your soul

My love is everlasting

Yeshua Hamashiach

The Great I AM

Mark 10:45, John 3:16, Galatians 5:1 Ephesians4:22,Luke 4:18, Hebrews 4:12, Hosea 4:6, John 8:32

John 15:26-27, Psalm 15:2-3, 1Timothy4:1, Songs of Solomon 5:2

Source: Deception – Angela García

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