Word from YAHushua received evening of November 28, 2022

FIRE, FIRE FIRE I see flames engulfing the land, fire balls falling from Heaven and flames of fire over YAH’s people. MY fire will consume everything in its path. Hay and stubble shall burn and dissolve to nothing. Rewards lost shall be given to others in right standing with ME and in alignment with MY will. Blessings, Favor, Provisions Your rewards are being released NOW. REJOICE For those that have sowed in righteousness shall now reap a glorious harvest. Spend and use wisely all that is released to you in this time. Bring everything and everyone before ME for MY wise counsel. There are those that seek to steal your rewards. Be on guard. I AM building up additional walls of protection around you now for the seasons upon you. Rejoice & be in thanksgiving. Walk in faith. Having a giving heart, but only give by MY counsel. DO NOT hoard what you have when you see others I bring in need. Show them the love of their Father in Heaven to provide even the most basic of needs. Great shall be your reward. I will withhold no good thing from those that do MY will in this time. Be fishers of men. The man that saves souls is WISE! Be a Light and shine brightly.


Source: FIRE FIRE FIRE – Angela Lynne

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