“I will turn things around for you,: says The LORD.

“I will not just shift you, but I will create an upheaval of events that will turn the tables on the plans of the enemy and scatter them to the four winds, stripped of their power, and cause them to be naked and ashamed.

“I will pierce the head of Leviathan with the sword of My Spirit and defeat him. I will cut the heads off of the python with My two-edged sword of MY SPIRIT and chop up and destroy their offspring and smash and incinerate their eggs.

“I will break through the enemy camp with the lightning down of My arm and break down their prideful walls of defense as I declare a Holy war against darkness and rebuke the destroyer for your sake,” says The LORD.

“I will turn you around,” says The LORD, “and you will not wallow in defeat, cower in the corner or be swallowed up in sorrow. A new day is coming and the night season will end. Hope will return in full-force as My light penetrates the darkness, and NEW LIFE will emerge.

“I will create a NEW THING, and the former things will no longer be your pursuit. For what is ahead is not behind or a repeat of what was.

“New is new, and I will wow you with what your eyes will see as I put Myself on display as a GOD of Miracles, Signs and Wonders that will unfold, as revival sweeps across the land,” says The LORD.

Source: I Will Turn Things Around for You ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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