The LORD surprised me a couple of years ago, but He reminded me of this today — this time for 2023.

“Stand by for a short season of sudden surprises.  A few breath-taking moments when I move SUDDENLY!

Dramatic moments of encouragement when the world around you will stop, look, and say ‘WOW’!”

“So, in your prayers BE BOLD, ask for OUTRAGEOUS favour.” says The LORD.

“Command, declare and decree that which you’ve hardly dared dream about.  I AM The LORD, and I delight in answering those who are BOLD with their faith.

Stand by ready to receive EXACTLY what you ask for and nothing less.  BE PRECISE in your asking, and be prepared for your precise prayer to be answered PRECISELY!

I AM The LORD. Is anything too hard for Me?” says The LORD, “Is anything beyond My knowledge, beyond my capabilities?  You SHALL SPEAK and IT SHALL BE DONE for you.

This is not for you.  Rather, THIS IS FOR THE WORLD, that the world may see, that the world may believe, and that the world may TURN BACK TO ME!” says The LORD God Almighty.

I saw miracles happening that turned the attention of the world from the temporary to the eternal.

I saw disease defeated, I saw injuries repaired, I saw lost limbs replaced — all in a few moments while the world watched in stunned amazement.

I saw empty eye sockets filled with seeing eyes.  I saw children deformed at birth, reformed perfectly.

I saw silent worlds made noisy as ears are repaired.  All in the twinkling of an eye.  All suddenly and surprisingly at the Word of a believer.

It was like a re-enactment of when God spoke.  This time a believer spoke — and it was!

God is preparing to use YOU — EVEN YOU — to invoke and perform His surprising suddenlies!

Source: Suddenly Surprised ~by Chris G. Bennett

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