“Draw near to Me,” says The LORD.

“Do not withhold anything from Me. I will not withhold any good thing from you.  I never have, and I never will.

“Do not hold onto anything tightly, but relinquish all the controls to Me.  I know what is best, and I do all things well.  My Ways are higher than yours, and My Plans are superior.

“You think in the box, and I do not.  Your little ideas and ideals are so small compared to Mine.

“You can trust Me with what you do not understand and know that I have everything covered by My infinite understanding that you can lean on all the time,” says The LORD.

“I will perfect and complete what concerns you, and your life will be fully satisfied as you entrust your total care onto Me,” says The LORD.

“There is nothing that I do not know, see, and I AM everywhere.  The future is known to Me.  I have the perfect plan, the best connections, and the powerful strategies that will bring you into your destiny purpose without delay.

“You have nothing to fear as you place your whole self and life into My hands.  For all that I have prepared for you is good, and you will be blessed and be a conduit of blessings as you become all that I created you to be for My Kingdom and glory that will never disappoint you, but fulfill you and give you great joy,” says The LORD.

Source: Draw Near to The LORD ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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