“Don’t become bogged down by the pursuit of temporal pleasures that only become a weight and distraction to you,” says The LORD.

“Your blessings that come from Me will never be fleeting or become a burden to you. Your true blessings come from Me, and there is no sorrow attached. I will not extract the gifts that I give to you, and they will not tax you.

“There is pleasure in My presence that no amount of money can buy, and no power can take it from you.

“Refocus your attention on things that are permanent, and invest yourself in things that are of My Kingdom that is without end,” says The LORD.

“When I return for My Bride, My precious, holy, righteous Bride, I will bring My rewards with Me,” says The LORD.

“Your sacrifices for My Kingdom are recorded to be rewarded. What you do in the secret place of My Presence will never remain a secret, for I will openly reward you.

“Your honor and promotion is coming, and you will even be surprised! You will be shocked at the shift that will take place in the atmosphere, when I turn things around for you.

“Strongholds of the enemy will come crashing down, and My righteous warriors will arise in power and authority.

“Those who thought they were overlooked, insignificant, and forgotten will suddenly be sought after, for their light will shine brightly in the darkness that is all around them, and many will come to their genuine light, and will be saved, delivered and healed,” says The LORD.

Source: Rewards ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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