“Look ahead and not behind you,” says The LORD.

“For the new that I create for you is in front of you, and I do not need the material of the dead past and dead works and dead and dry end of season ground.

“I do not rehash anything or reinvent, and I AM not about to reinvent you. I will transform, create and make all thing new, including you!

“Do you think that I need to do a makeover on you? No! What I do is creative and miraculous. I will raise you up in newness of life.

“The old has passed away. Give it the proper funeral, place the marker on it, die daily and move ahead in My resurrection power and glory.

“For what is ahead is not dependent upon the ash heap of your life and the graveyard of past failure. Your past will not determine your future or dictate who you are and what I have caused you to become in Me,” says The LORD.

“I AM not the God of the dead, but the living,” says The LORD.

“I AM Life! The days of mourning over lost time, lost opportunities, failed harvests, disappointments, and dead works are over.

“I AM the God of the living. Stop lamenting over wasted years, and arise to your feet. You are not dead. I AM not dead.

“Your future is not dead and dry and futile. It is full of life and vitality and opportunities that are yet to be discovered.

“Arise! Look forward. The days of mourning are over! Will you linger at the tombs of the past or keep your eyes upon the ashes, or will you look to Me who gives beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning?

“The past is dead. Today you live in Me. Tomorrow is filled with life and hope and your dreams will come true in Me.

“Look up to Me! Look forward to the new, for there is no end to the things that I have prepared for you that are good, and you will be blessed, and be a blessing in the new that I create for you,” says The LORD.

Source: Look Ahead and Not Behind You! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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