“I AM your true friend, Who sticks closer to you than a brother,” says The LORD.

“For there is never a time that I will abandon you or unfriend you. I will never block you. I will never turn My back on you.

“There is nothing that you can tell Me that will shock Me. Come boldly to Me and share with Me your deepest concerns and be transparent with Me.

“For I already see and know and understand you. There is nothing about you that is hidden from Me. I know your deepest desires, I see your fears, and I know your sorrows.

“I AM aware of your pain and AM aware of your highest heart’s desire. I know every thought, every intent and motivation of your heart, and see you as you are.

“I love you always. Just talk to Me, for I will not merely sympathize with you, but I will give you comfort and lead you in the path that will bring you out of troubles that are on every side.

“I AM the way, and I will make a way for you when there seems to be no way,” says The LORD.

“You can trust Me with your heart, for I will never break it,” says The LORD.

“I will not disown you or disinherit you. There is nothing that you have done that I will not forgive and forget as you trust Me as your Savior and Lord of your life.

“I will never reject you or turn you away. You are unforgettable to Me. I did not create you to deny you access to Me.

“I did not form you to be a castaway. Come near to Me! Trust Me! For I will wrap My arms of love about you and assure you that you are My beloved child.

“My Grace is sufficient for you, and you are valuable to Me. I desire fellowship and friendship with you that is intimate.

“Come closer to Me and trust Me with all of yourself, for I will not violate your trust, betray you, or condemn you.

“You are precious and priceless to Me, and My love for you is unconditional and unimpeachable,” says The LORD.

Source: ‘I AM’ — Your True Friend! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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