In my sleep in the early morning hours this morning I saw this pair of shoes, looking exactly like this, as if I was looking straight down at them.

Brown, “wing tipped”, new leather shoes. Very unlike anything I would ever choose to wear!

The Spirit gave understanding as I viewed these shoes and the name Amber came to mind. Amber was beside me in the dream.


  • Shoes : New walk.
  • Brown : Compassion.
  • Wing tipped : To soar, minister with ease.
  • Leather : Strong, resilient.
  • New : Brand new way of walking.
  • Amber : Fire anointing.

The LORD is saying He is equipping me and others to walk in a new way this next season.

One of compassion and love for the unlovable, to minister out of The Fire of God, and it will be easy to do this. It is an assured walk, with confidence and strength.

The LORD will give us His Compassion for people, and we will be soaring with exhilaration and ease.

Get your new shoes on!

It’s time for a spring in your step, as you go out and Love the way Jesus loves!

Source: Walking Brown Shoes ~by Heidi Bryden

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