The Lord gave me this word for today 7-9-2016, as I finished working on message entitled “The Box.” “Tell the people a deception is here, and even greater one is coming, and many are no prepared. They do not spend enough time with me, so they cannot see the deception, nor will they see an even greater deception coming. Tell my people to come back to me, and stay in my word. Time is running out.”

Here is the message.

Matthew 24:4 And Jesus said unto them, “Take Heed and let no man deceive you.”

Matthew 24:24 “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

As I ponder, and have studied the the American citizen, and many in the west, but mainly the American citizen, and especially those who call themselves Christian, I have come to a Biblically fulfilled prophetic conclusion. This conclusion is quite simple, and yet the prophetic aftermath quite devastating. What is the conclusion I have come to understand? Many Americans have a fascination and love for “The Box,” while their entire lives revolve around worshiping the box.

The box has become god now, and The real God is being replaced with the box. Jesus is being replaced with the box. The Holy spirit is being replaced with the box. People even go as far to try and make God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit worship and conform to the box. People worship the box, so much, that when they wake up, the first thing they do is look at the box, and the last thing they do before the go to bed is look at the box. It used to be a time when upon waking up a Christian individual would give God praise, and pray. They would acknowledge the blessing of life. And before they go to bed at night they would do the same. Now when they wake up, they gravitate to the box. They pick up a box, to turn on a box, just to grab a mini box, and start their day being programmed by the box. They step into the shower, with the box, hoping not to miss any commandments and teachings from the box. As they get dressed, while watching the box, getting persuaded by the box, the pick up their mini box, share what the box has taught them, all the while being in a rush to leave the box, just to get in to another box, that drives them to a box, that has another box, that has mini box attached to it, with even more mini boxes filled with 26 letters, 10 numerical, values, and a multitude of symbols, one presses down, to operate the box, just to come home a train our children how to worship the box, which we train them almost at birth.

Most of the day is spent arguing, and discussing what the box indoctrinated them with. They will go to war for the box, because the box told them too. They will miss meals just to please the box. They only believe what the box tells them to believe. They come to church to talk about the box, and how the box loves them. For the box gives them everything they think they need. They put everything in the box. They even put God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit in the box. Church services put limits on God, by placing him in the box. They quite and stop the holy spirit by placing it in the box, all the while, they preach one can only receive salvation and Jesus, if they give money to the box. They are to afraid they will lose the box, and won’t be able to pay for the box.

The box has made people zombies. The box says I will define sin. The box says I am God. The box watches ones every move. The box can make them feel happy, and sad. The box can make them feel like a game show contestant, a talk show host, judge and jury, a porn star, or anything the box has them believe they can be.

Instead of reading The Bible, they read and watch the box. Instead of trusting The Bible they trust the box. Instead of listening to God, and The Holy Spirit, they listen to the box. Instead of witnessing to people about Jesus, and repentance, the box witnesses to them, only for them to witness to others, about the commandments and teachings of the box. Instead of fasting and praying, they feed themselves with the box. They can study and memorize the teachings of the box, but they can’t study and memorize the teachings of The Bible. They try to gain wisdom and understanding from the box, but refuse to gain wisdom and understanding from The Bible. To them, the box is the new bible. They even have to be in front of the box, at a certain time to please the box. Yet they can’t be in front of the word God to please The Most High God. When the box stops talking they get angry, scared, and panicky, for the fear of disappointing the box.

The cities have become a box. The communities have become a box. Society has become a box. Lifestyles have become a box. Everything seems to be modeled after the box. And as people conform to the box, they never realize, the box wants them to be put in box, so they can be controlled, until the day they are put in the ultimate box, six feet under ground, just to meet the one entity they spent a lifetime trying to place in a box, when all He wanted was for them to come out of the box, and into his kingdom.

Don’t let the box defeat you. Get into the word. Pray and fast like never before. We are at an unprecedented time in history. America is the midst of God’s Judgment. We need to be reaching out to souls, instead of reaching out for the box. You can’t put God in a box, for he has all power. So, stop trying. It’s time churches start letting the Holy Spirit come back in their churches, and start speaking the word of God. Many of us are spiritually weak, because we are afraid of not pleasing the box. We lack skills The Bible wanted us to have, because the box told us to. Many people can’t cook, clean, are even be decently good with their hands, because of the box. Church folks are spending to much time pleasing the box, instead of learning valuable skills, and how to war against Satan’s kingdom. Society is crumbling, because of sin, and no one can make you sin, because sin is a choice. Yet the box accelerates, exacerbates, accommodates, the crumbling of society. We are to easily deceived by the box. Yes everything on TV or the internet isn’t bad, but if your life is revolved the box, then you are the one in the box.

God Bless

Source: The Box – Matt Smith

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