“Get ready for the transition in your life,” says The LORD, “for I AM shifting you and bringing you into the new. New is new!

“I will cause you to embrace what you have never contemplated before, what you have never seen before, what you have never done before, and I AM placing you where you have never been before in Me.

“It is in My Presence that I will cause you to soar above the storms of life, above the threatening, black clouds, and into the peace and tranquility that is untouched by the winds of adversity,” says The LORD.

“Your faith in Me will cause you to ascend higher and higher,” says The LORD.

“I will carry you on eagle’s wings to new levels in Me as you focus your attention upon Me. Do not look at the difficulties around, and do not pay attention to the negative, defeatist voices vying for your attention.

“You will go in the direction that your attention takes you. Just as Peter of old walked on the water as long as he kept his eyes on Me, you will also be on top of things that would like to take you down as you ignore the storms of life and focus your full attention upon Me.

“You will only be above and not sink into the situations that would bring you down and under as you refuse to be trapped into the mentality of the impossible, and do all things through Me as I strengthen you, and equip you, and bring you into the realm of the supernatural where there are no limitations,” says The LORD.

Source: The Transition ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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