Who Am I? Who I Am

(A collaboration by Holy Spirit and LynL on 03/22/23)
(All highlighted words are Names of God)

I Am your Shepherd and Giver of Life
I Am Omnipresent and Omniscient and Omnipotent
They have called me Eternal and a Forgiver of Sin
I Am known as Your Redeemer and Husband
I Am the Light, Your Savior and King
Whether you call me the Alpha and the Omega
or the First and the Last, I Am your God
I Am known as JudgeLord our Healer and Preexistent
I Am a Giver of Life, and I Am Lord of Righteousness
I Am a Speaker with Divine Authority, and I Am
the Receiver of Worship
I Am your Rock and Hope
I Am Jehovah NissiYahwehShalom, and Rapha
I have been called AdonaiElohim and Christos
I Am the MessiahYeshua (Yehoshua) and certainly Abba
I have been called El ElyonEl ShaddaiEl Olam to name a few
I Am Jesus, I Am Logos
I Am called many names, but your Creator is who I Am
I Am who I Am

(Now what everything means)

Who Am I? Who I Am
(A collaboration by Holy Spirit and LynL on 03/22/23, only a partial listing of meanings, this could be 50 pages long!)

I Am your Shepherd (person who tends and rears sheep, the shepherd owns the sheep) and Giver of Life (gives eternal life and directs the life and spirit in us)

I Am Omnipresent (God is present everywhere) and Omniscient (all knowing) and Omnipotent (God’s all-powerful character)

They have called me Eternal (without an end and without a beginning) and a Forgiver of Sin (God lifted the sentence of condemnation upon Christians for their sin through the death of Christ)

I Am known as Your Redeemer (someone who repays, recovers, saves or exchanges something for something else,” buying back”) and Husband (master of the house, head of a family)

I Am the Light (Light of the World, spiritual brightness), Your Savior (person who saves someone from danger, deliverer from death) and King (ruler, authority over others)

Whether you call me the Alpha and the Omega (first and last letters of Greek alphabet) or the First and the Last (comprehensiveness of God), I Am your God (creator and ruler of the universe)

I Am known as Judge (decider of law), Lord our Healer (God of health, healing and wholeness) and Preexistent (existed from an earlier time, before this world)

I Am Immutable (do not change over time), and I Am Lord our Righteousness (God’s character: morally right, virtuous & just)

I Am a Speaker with Divine Authority (God or Gods power, divine right, power or forces that transcends human capacities, individuals having special access or relationship to the divine)
And the Receiver of Worship (reverent honor and homage to God)

I Am your Rock (Symbol of stability, permanence, strength, dependability and steadfastness) and Hope (expectation of what God has promised and its strength is in his faithfulness)

I Am Jehovah Nissi (Lord is my banner), Yahweh (Lord (I Am)-he brings into existence whatever exists), Shalom (salutation meaning peace), and Rapha (comfort and healing)

I have been called Adonai (Hebrew name of God), Elohim (God of Israel in the Old Testament) and Christos (Anointed One)

I Am the Messiah (Promised deliverer of the Jewish nation in the Hebrew bible), Yeshua (also Yehoshua meaning salvation) and certainly Abba (God as Father)

I have been called El Elyon (Lord of Heaven and Earth), El Shaddai (God Almighty), El Olam (long time, forever, Everlasting God) to name a few

I Am Jesus (Son of God), I Am Logos (word, reason, plan)

I Am called many names, but your Creator (a person that brings something into existence) is who I Am

I Am who I Am (God introducing himself as their deliverer in Exodus 3:14)

Source: Who Am I? Who I Am – LynL

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