The LORD spoke: ““You sing, “My country ’tis of Thee, Sweet land of Liberty!”** However, Liberty has been waning, because it has been given over to wickedness for a long time. People point to this thing, or that thing, that influenced the recent direction of The Nation, but there is one particular thing that has done such harm for a long time. That is idolatry to secret meetings, where prideful men and women gather and plan things not planned by Me. For they have bowed to horrible entities. This has been an abomination to Me. It is the root of all that is going on.

There are varieties of people in the ranks of these groups, but all have bowed to other “gods” in the partaking of the forbidden fruit. You cannot drink from the cup of The LORD and of the enemy. These organizations purpose to delude the participants in the beginning. It is admitted in their own literature. It is time for the judgment of all things that slither and deceive. In the ranks of The Church called by My Name, are many belonging to these associations. And they feel justified in doing so. They look down on anyone who challenges them. This is an abomination to Me — and I will not tolerate it anymore! The Spirit of Burning comes now to deal with all that is unholy, before The Holy Spirit is loosed on My People in fullness. People with seared consciences will be judged, so see that your own heart is willing to do whatever I ask. Pray that men and women everywhere will be given grace to say “Yes” to My Will over their own. The Whirlwind of My Power is coming to knock down their plans and perceived power. For they are destroying all that I created. The narcissists have no regard for mankind, but only for their own warped philosophy, their own wills. Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world! Roll out the red carpet for the King of Glory!”

Continue reading full prophetic word @ Source: America the Beloved ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

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