Raise the Sails of Expectation — A Catch-up Wind of the Spirit is Beginning to Blow

I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch! For now I AM releasing a ‘Catch-Up Wind’ that will lift and carry the weary.

Yes! A Catch-Up Wind of My Spirit, that will bring a great Acceleration and Momentum to those who have been weighed down and heavy burdened.

Ha! Watch! As My Catch-Up Winds begin to blow forth in this hour — a Supernatural Wind that will take My People fast forward into the future Plans and Purposes I have for them.

A Catch-Up Wind, that will cause that grip of the spirit of delay to be broken, and the heavy yoke of the oppressor, to be lifted from their necks!

I say, It’s Time! It’s Time — to raise the Sails of Expectation once again, for the Catch-Up Winds of My Spirit are now blowing.

The Hour of Radical Hope is here!”

Source: Raise the Sails of Expectation! ~by Veronika West

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