I heard, “There is a Storm on the Horizon!”

But fear not! It’s not what you are thinking. 😃 This is a GLORY STORM! In the midst of the chaos of this world, I saw a Storm of Glory, not a natural storm but a supernatural Storm from heaven!

It is God’s Shekinah Glory! A Whirlwind of FIRE rising up from the midst! Our God is a Consuming Fire!

He is in our midst! Keep praying, Beloved of God! Keep raising your Hallelujahs in the presence of your enemies!

And whatever chaos you are facing, God is in your midst to bring DELIVERANCE! When the enemy comes in, like a FLOOD, God raises up a standard against it!

“Beloved. There is GLORY coming out from the midst of this Storm.

It is the last days. Satan has thrown everything he can at The Remnant of God. Still, you are standing, My Child.

I have seen your Faith. I have seen your tears. I have heard your cries. Out of these crashing waves of calamity shall come a Whirlwind of My making.

Out of this darkness, the Light is shining. Out of death, comes the LIFE of the Son of God. The Sun of Righteousness has arisen with healing in His wings.

You are not subject to the powers of darkness. You shall NOT succumb to their bidding. My Plans for you shall stand. You shall not fall, but you shall overcome.

I AM with you in the storm, Dear One. Darkness has NO power over He who is Light. RESIST the devil and he will flee. You are an overcomer. You are MORE than a conqueror through Him who loves you.

Continue reading @ Source: There is a Storm on the Horizon! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

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