Today The LORD spoke to my soul while His Army marches from the North leaving me to my daily routines.

Whatever stirs our faith, if we do more of it, we will find ourselves moving with God into His anointing. You can’t have the glory of God without first having His Anointing.


Pray this prayer with me:

Dear Yahweh, I come before You by the blood of your son, Jesus. I repent for my generational sin and any sin that I have personally committed that is causing spiritual blindness or deafness in my life. By the fire of God, I thank you for destroying every evil veil or stumbling block within me.

Father, I thank You for Your glory realm. I ask that you bring me into Your glory. Letting me go from faith to faith, and glory to glory. I ask that You take me where I have never been before and manifest Your glory to me.

Holy Spirit, I thank You for Your fire. LORD, when You came on the day of Pentecost You submerged the early church in fire and brought them into the fullness of the supernatural. I pray that You do the same thing for me.

LORD, I ask right now that I would not only speak in tongues, but that You would submerge me in Your fire, engulf me in Your flame so that I am completely consumed by the fire of God.

LORD, set the fire ablaze within me in the name of Jesus. I pray that every power that would try to extinguish my flame and dry out my spiritual life will be extinguished!

I pray the power of the blood of Jesus over any evil powers and that they would be eliminated from my life in Jesus’ Name. I thank You for the example of the first spirit filled church in the book of Acts where Your fire came and they began to move in the supernatural.

Right now, Father, let Your fire come and activate me. L et the gifts inside me be stirred right now, let the anointing inside me be stirred right now so I can walk in obedience to Your call.

Father, I thank You are stirring the fire within my spirit right now. I thank You and Praise you today that by My Faith I am receiving power to be Your witness, in Jesus Name I pray! AMEN!

full article @ Source: Flame of Faith ~by Angela Reese

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