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Urgent warning!! Everyone who thinks they are forever written in the Lamb’s Book of Life needs to know they will be BLOTTED OUT for unrepentant sin! Prayerfully read some of these accounts from ALL OVER THE WORLD of people given a chance to visit heaven and be repelled by hell in order to WAKE UP THE CHURCH! Choose righteousness when tempted by sexual sin or sensual carousing..stay sober and vigilant. Be about your Father’s business. TIME IS SHORT NOW! All over the world, people are being given glimpses into hell to warn the unrepentant masses. Remember: Truth is what God deems is true. It does not matter one bit if you say, “I don’t personally believe that so it must not be true.”


Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

Visions of the Lord given to Othusitse OT final pic
Mmusi from Botswana regarding the
End Times, persecution, the world at
war, economic collapse, the gates of Hell opening, spiritual attacks, the state of  the church, rapture readiness, and Heaven and Hell. Powerful warning messages from the Lord so that all who have ears to hear, may hear and prepare themselves.

Sunday, August 30, 2015, around 3:00am, as I was in my bedroom, suddenly my spiritual eyes opened, I could see through the roof of the house, seeing the stars of the skies, suddenly I was out of my body, travelling into the atmosphere at a great speed, I saw the stars and space.


God began to show me end time persecution of Christians, I saw Christians being arrested, been taken to jail, I saw pastors been arrested, I saw a paper, with names of pastors and churches, people seated down, talking about…

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Warning Prophetic dream to me on 1-12-15 at 1:12 a.m. –

In this dream, I wake up to realize that I am being held down by electronic devices. I’m given the knowledge that these devices are acting as binders — actually clamping onto and holding people (me in the dream) hostage. I am lying on a bed and being clamped down, immobile, surrounded, pressed upon by electronic devices. Told by Holy Spirit that technological devices were part of an evil plot to keep humans enslaved. Also, that this is a 2 part plan in the first stage now (addiction), but evil has a plan to progress to total mind and will control. I break free by sheer will with Holy Spirit’s help  and run to safety.

When I wake up, I am completely horrified by the dawning realization that electronic devices which came in as “labor saving” devices and ways to increase convenience are all part of a carefully set demonic trap. They had physically wrapped around and imprisoned me as in a strong vise. I was told they are meant to harm us. I woke to the sound of “Calling All the Messengers” song playing in my mind because Holy Spirit often sings over me at wake-up — an anointed worship song usually.

“What does it profit man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?” asks the word of God in the Holy Bible. This question’s answer will have eternal significance.

Prophets are told to report on words from the Lord, bravely, regardless of consequence. I have thought long and hard about these revelations before posting. Obedience to reporting on what God’s Spirit is revealing is more important to me than worry over how people will receive the truth. God has no untruth in Him, so I choose to believe this knowledge for what it is — a warning. What are we humans willing to give up in exchange for the glittering promise of convenience? Now most of our medical records, monetary transactions, websites visited, email, children’s school photos and lunch money, entertainment…well, almost everything…is online or monitored through some form of electronic device.

I only hear about how we are to embrace all the technological change of this new information age…but what if we have been given that which will cause our downfall in the end? How convenient will that be? Have you ever noticed that all the people who have been given glimpses of heaven report back on its glorious attributes, but never ever mention technology? Something to take to the Holy Spirit in prayer…

I had this prophetic warning dream on August 13, 2011 while napping at my parents’ house in their cooler spare bedroom during a heat wave:

I am flying through the air with Holy Spirit by my side so I do not need a plane, just suspended in the sky. It has tall, new, impressive manmade skyscrapers against a clear blue sky, but is also “deserty,” dry and on the shore of an ocean at the same time. I ask God’s Spirit, “Where are we?” as I don’t recognize it. The immediate answer: “Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.”

“Oh….right,” I think. “Why are you showing me this place?” becomes my next question.

Response: “This city is proud of all its manmade accomplishments, but they have left ME out. I am planning to bring judgment against them through water or earth  shaking.”

Then I am driving a car, but an Arab in traditional dress is headed straight for me in another vehicle even though I’m waiting at a red light. I brace for the collision but he stops his vehicle a hair off of mine and grins at me mockingly. Then he lifts his shoulder and looks above me and uses his head to indicate I should get going. It’s a green light. So I drive around him, over the Dubai bridge…and wake up.

I never have been sure what to do with this warning — as it is for an entire country. But…I don’t want to face God some day and tell him I was not faithful in delivering his message. How you take it is up to you. My sincere prayer is that someone, somewhere will turn towards God and be saved. If an entire nation turned to him, heaven’s angels would rejoice…and we could all praise our merciful God who does nothing before sending warnings through his prophets, as he has done from ancient times.

Growing up, I remember a simple prayer before meals. “God is gracious; God is good…so we thank him for this food.” God IS gracious. Throughout the Bible’s Old Testament, He sends warnings to errant individuals, people groups and nations to change from sinful behavior and turn back to Him before risking a final judgement for pride and idol worship. God is love. God is patience. God is all the fruits of the Spirit. But, He is also righteous. He leads an ordered system where sin must have a consequence. Unbelief becomes a choice. Not choosing Jesus before your final breath becomes a choice. God is constantly trying to get your attention in a noisy, choice-filled planet of glittering worldliness. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So what was true in ancient times is still true today.

God chooses His prophets. You cannot choose yourself. He sends prophetic dreams or speaks directly and audibly as warnings still today. The modern-day prophet must then pray over the knowledge given through Holy Spirit. Should the message be kept private? Should it be offered up to the general population as a warning? Prophetic messages are not for personal gain, but are to help people turn back to God, repent, return from a path that strays or be warned ahead of time of events that will come upon certain cities, countries or people. A prophet is to tell directly what he or she has been given from God — whether that message will be well received or popular. In most cases of the Old Testament prophets, the people did not want to hear the truth. Being a prophet can be lonely as you stand for God before mankind — regardless of consequence.

How does one know the message is from God? Prophetic dreams, for me at least, are different than the ones that disappear shortly after waking.  Years later, they are still clear because they were truth. Also, I am given knowledge I did not have before or had never thought of. Jeremiah the prophet records these words of God almighty: “…But when prophets speak for me, they must say only what I have told them. My words are a powerful fire; they are a hammer that shatters rocks.” (Jer. 23: 28-29). I will share examples of prophetic words from years past in future posts.