God is asking, “ARE YOU READY?

For I AM coming soon.  No one knows the day or time.  But all will see Me come!”

“Heaven and earth will perish and pass away, but My Words will not perish or pass away.   32 But of that day or that hour not a (single) person knows, not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  33 Be on your guard (constantly alert), and watch and pray; for you do not know when the time will come,”   Mark 13: 31-33 (AMPC)

“You must decide if you will serve Me or man. May you choose wisely and follow My choice for you, with Godly actions and words. BE READY.”

Source: I AM Coming Soon! Are You Ready? † His Kingdom Prophecy


Death is the great equalizer…no matter one’s position or status on earth, when God’s breath departs…you die. Most choose to ignore God, spending their time on self-pursuits and acquisitions. Know that you are choosing a real heaven of fellowship with the great I AM — or by not choosing fear, awe and acceptance of God’s salvation — you will find yourself on the broad path to forever shame, self-reproach and darkness. God is light. Evil is dark. God is love. Evil is hate. And on and on…God is perfection. Evil is a pretend copy. God is joy uncontainable. Evil is momentary chasing of bodily pleasures. I want to join the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the earth — Jesus Christ — God’s perfect plan to save us from our human sins. NOT CHOOSING GOD IS CHOOSING the alternate . Oh the woe and terror of realizing Satan is a liar and you’ve been duped.

Christ is Coming

Approximately 120,000 people die every day11402994_1095651460449301_64893834819024509_n
and step into eternity, but where do they go?
And more personally, where will you go when
your time is over? What is the truth of life after death, heaven and hell, eternal judgment, salvation, and damnation? There isn’t a bigger issue before you, so take heed of what the Bible says on the matter and consider the following truths.

Some have wrongly taught that the dead sleep until a final Judgment day or that people are simply annihilated after being judged. But soul sleep is a false doctrine, and Annihilation is a false doctrine.  Dont be deceived. There is right now already multitudes of people (Billions) burning in a very real Hell and the faithful rejoicing in a very real Heaven.

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Source: The Fire is About to Fall!

The time is coming and is even at the door, that what had been met with indifference will turn into persecution. In the past, most of those in the world tolerated My people talking about My Father and I (Jesus) except in the “persecuted countries” of the world. This is in the process of changing, even at the time that I am speaking this message to My servant. As this begins to happen in the “free countries,” there will become no room for any “lukewarm Christians,” for men will either love Me or hate Me with everything that is within them. I am separating the sheep from the goats and the sheep from the sheep. All those that are Mine will be tried by the fire of persecution. Those that are not Mine will persecute them. Those that are “lukewarm” will persecute my bride; they will kill you, thinking that they do My Father a service, but their father will be shown to be the Devil, and he is their god.
They know Me not!

My beloved, I have told you what you need to do and you need to say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!”
Many who pray this and mean it in their heart will have their lives on this earth spared, as their enemies drop their weapons and run.
My people, you need to trust in Me alone, for I alone can save you! I alone can protect you! I alone can provide for you! I alone will be your strength, by My spirit that is within you!

My children, I warn you now that you must not go into places that I have not told you to go. You must stay away from those places that are evil or worldly. I will not be able to protect you. If you are in My enemy’s house, I cannot legally enter, unless you are there for the reason of pulling a soul from the fire and are about My Kingdom business. There have been those and there will be many more, that have been taken away before it was their time because they did not listen to Me and they went and did as they pleased. If you are taken away from this life while you are being disobedient to Me, you will not end up in My Kingdom. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft!
Your decision, that you will rue throughout all of eternity.

My children, I warn of these things because I love you! I want to spend forever with you! I love you 1000 times more than you think possible, times ten thousand! My heart is crushed every time I see those that I paid the price for enter hell. I see it day and night seemingly without end. But soon is the end, the time has come. The harvest is before us and many shall pass through the fire, yet not be burned as the calamities fall upon all the countries, lands, tribes, and tongues, also upon the just and the unjust.
Let Me cover you with My feathers. Come up under My wings and dwell!
The fire is about to fall!
Ask yourself and Me, “Am I ready?”

All the power of Heaven is at the disposal of those who know Me and trust in, cling to, and rely on My name,
Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ.

The LORD says, this will be a year of change. Some changes you will embrace with open arms, and others you will not.

Source: Prophetic Word for the New Year (Rosh Hashana) 2017 † His Kingdom Prophecy

“The road to freedom is narrow and few find it.”  (Words through Susan Davis)
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, October 3, 2017)
Children, I am your FATHER reaching out to you.  I am LIGHT.  I move out into the darkness.  I see all, nothing gets by ME.  I am the Great SEER.  I know ALL–I AM ALL KNOWLEDGE.  You cannot comprehend ME, but I AM ALL.  I consume ALL, time and space.  I am incomprehensible by the human mind.
I am a force to be reckoned with.  I AM ALL POWERFUL and UNCHANGING GOD.  There is nothing I don’t know about…all the dirty little deeds that go on behind closed doors, I am aware of.  I see all.  All the vile thoughts of mankind are within MY Earshot.  I hear all the evil spoken against ME and against others.  What goes on behind closed doors is out in the open for MY viewing.
I am the Perfect JUDGE.  I have all the facts.  There is nothing that is not disclosed to ME.  I know the beginning to the end of all things on this earth.  What has been and what is to be…
If you stand before a Holy GOD without MY Blood Covering all your spots and stains will be visible and known to a Holy JUDGE.  I will judge evil–all the acts performed against a Holy GOD at the conclusion of each life given into this earth.  Without MY Blood-bought covering, you will stand guilty before ME and the sentence given will be eternal hell fire and separation from GOD WHO is LOVE, CREATOR of all that is good. 
You only have ONE hope and that is in ME and MY ability to wipe all your sins away and to give you a clean slate and right-standing before MY Holy Face.  Your defiance, rejection of MY Word and rebellion to ME and MY ways will be judged by a Righteous JUDGE.  I will pull away the cover you hide behind and expose your evil heart.  But, if you come to ME now on bended knee…broken…hungry to be right with a Holy GOD, I will hear your plea. 
Surrender your all without a trace of desire for this evil world and I will clear your record of past sins and make you free from the evil that has held you in captivity and I will produce in you a new heart, one that beats together with mine.  This is MY desire for you, to be cleaned up, made new and prepared to come away with ME for eternity to live in peace and harmony with your MAKER for all time–eternal time.
Do not wait too long to make this all important decision for no one knows the hour that they will appear before ME.  Do not leave your own salvation to chance or to be given into the hands of the enemy for all time. 
The road to freedom is narrow and few find it.  Get to know your GOD, humble yourself, come and let ME love you in the way only I can love.  Now is the time to know your GOD.  Tomorrow may be too late.
I AM has spoken
“The world has turned its back to ME wanting instead its own way”
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, October 4, 2017)
Children of the Most HIGH:
I am going to break the skies open when I come for MY little flock: those who have chosen to follow their GOD on bended knee with broken spirits and undying trust in ME.  I will not look away when they cry out for ME like MY left behind church that denies ME now.  The church of the cold-hearted and lukewarm with lamps that are not filled with MY Oil will be found wanting when I come to relieve MY church of the overwhelming evil in the world.
The rejection of the world for its GOD and MAKER is a key sign that MY coming is close.  
The world has turned its back to ME wanting instead its own way, its own truth, its own version of who they believe I am.  I cannot be known through a casual relationship by barely opening MY Book, by holding hands with the world and its ways.  I cannot be found in the fruit of the world–fruit that looks good to the eyes but is bitter to the taste and poison to the soul leading to spiritual death and separation from GOD.
Come find your GOD through true surrender and admitting you need a SAVIOR in a dark world that is now enveloping you on all sides.  Come in close.  Seek ME through the pages of MY Word.  Wash yourself clean by the words.  Open your eyes to evil and your dirty hands covered with soil from sin.  Come clean your garment with the Blood of MY Sacrifice for you from a hard death of torment, all for you. 
These words are for you.  Make your way to MY Living Waters.  Come drink.  Fill your lamp.  Now is the hour.  Tomorrow may be too late.  Run, don’t walk to your SAVIOR…COMFORTER…GOD. 
Dear Followers of CHRIST:
During my prayer time, October 6, 2017, I asked the LORD for words to open this letter and this is what HE had to say as I copied it down:
Dearest children,
The is the LORD, CHRIST,
I am Great with Truth.  MY Words are solid, trustworthy, true.  I am the ONE and ONLY LIGHT to the world.   There is NO other path to follow.  I am the ONE WAY OUT, the Thin TRAIL few find. 
Many look for alternative lifestyles, views, and ways to truth, and deception.  What does it all mean to gain the whole world but to lose your soul?  Come into MY LIGHT.  Turn away from eternal darkness.  Run away from sin committed against a Holy GOD.  You will be held accountable for your choices in this life.  Will you face ME defenseless in a sinful and lukewarm condition or will you walk into MY Courts with MY Blood Covering forgiveness and be received with Great Love?  For I even reward someone in MY Kingdom for giving a child a cup of water in this life, those who know ME.
These decisions are for you to make, but to be made swiftly as you have an enemy who prowls about daily looking for who he can kill and destroy and steal from.  Do not get caught in his webs of distractions and love for this world.  It will be your destruction, and you will not recover. Consider these options seriously as time is dwindling. 
Everyday children face ME whether in MY Will or not.  Choices must be made.  What is yours?  How will I address you when we meet FACE to face?
These Words are serious, take them seriously,
The LORD of ALL has spoken
WARNING from Biblical truth:”You said to me, ‘I will point out the road that you should follow. I will be your teacher and watch over you. Don’t be stupid like horses and mules that must be led with ropes to make them obey.’ The Lord looks at the world from his throne in heaven, and he watches us all. The Lord gave us each a mind, and nothing we do can be hidden from him.” (Psalm 32: 8-9, 13-15)

“The enemy knows time is short, so he is willing to do whatever needs to be done, as he still believes he will win in the end.” Believe it.

Read much more from this Source: Yom Kippur: Preventive Actions for Your Protection † His Kingdom Prophecy

I AM about to show the world who I AM through you! Do you believe Me? Do you believe that I can do these things through you? There is no stopping the miracles,signs and wonders, that I AM about to do through those who will walk in obedience and trust me. I AM GOD ALMIGHTY! I AM THAT I AM! I AM ALL YOU NEED IN THIS SEASON OF MIRACLES!”

Source: The Making of the Miracle Workers † His Kingdom Prophecy