As Holy Spirit filled believers, Jesus has given us the ability to see things beyond the natural realm.

Source: Moving Beyond the Natural Realm ~ by Elaine Tavolacci

“The Anointing Oil of the Alabaster Box, the Fragrance of Christ shall overcome the religious spirits of Pandora’s Box in these last days.”

Source: The Anointing Oil of the Alabaster Box ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry


Today this world needs to see the glory of the Lord filling us His people like never before. The pure holy love of God must permeate in us and through us that reflects the very life of Jesus.

We are in a time of metamorphosis of what we were to what we are becoming in Him as full grown sons and daughters of God.

This transformation process is Jesus’ 3rd day finishing work. He has come to do this in all those that are seeking His face diligently.

In this increased time of great darkness, the light of the Glory of the Lord, Jesus must shine and be seen upon us as never before.

Nations are called to come to our “arising and shining” moment, for the brightness of the glory of God to be seen upon us.

This Glory of the Lord is not something we can “gain” in human effort. We can’t apprehend that glory or it to apprehend us by trying to work more for God.

It can only come by being more with God, and being more in His presence.

Proverbs 8:17 says, I love them that love me, and those who seek me early and diligently shall find me. Psalm 24 says, “this is generation that will seek him”.

A generation that will go up the mountain of the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.

Beloved this is the day we must “lift up our heads oh ye gates, and to lift up our heads you ever abiding doorways and let the King of Glory come in.”

Jesus is manifesting in His people as the King of Glory. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty. The Lord strong in battle.

Jesus is strong and mighty and strong in battle to complete his work in us to become full grown mature sons and daughters of God.

Jesus is strong and mighty to make us one with him. He is here to give us the same glory he has. He said in John 17, “Father I pray that the glory you have given me, that you give them, that as I am in you, and you are in me, that they and we would be one, perfectly united.

It is that glory unity, the unity of truly being one with him as a bride with her bridegroom that will cause the world to see the Kingdom of God in us. They will know we are His disciples by the love we have one for the other.

That unity of being one with him in His pure holy love is so the world will know that the Father loves us, fills us, cherishes us, transforms us with the same love that He loves Jesus with.

Philippians 1:6 says, being confident in this, that He that has begun this good work in you, WILL BE FAITHFUL to COMPLETE IT IN YOU, EVEN TO THE DAY OF CHRIST!

Isn’t that Good News, beloved? Jesus entered into our life as giving us the miracle of being born again. He supernaturally forgave our sins and washed us with his own blood to declare us not guilty.

His body and blood restored us back to where we can now have an intimate personal relationship with the Father God again by being born of the Spirit of God.

Beloved, that was the beginning miracle. Throughout our lifetime of being “saved” we have endeavored to be more like him, to change, to be a reflection of His life, yet at present course and speed it seems like we can never get there.

Yet, Here comes Jesus the Finisher, The Alpha and The Omega God. Here He is standing in the midst of the 7 churches at the end of the age to come and complete the work He started in us. Hallelujah!

Jesus said to the Pharisees when they told Him Herod wanted to kill Him, “go tell that fox, today and tomorrow, I do cures and miracles, but on the 3rd day I will complete my work.”

Beloved, we are in that 3rd day. The miracle working day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord has come. The King of Glory who started this work to save us, is now here as the miracle working God to finish us as full grown sons and daughters of God.

Our finishing is critical for God’s end time plans. God is rising up a multi-membered Body of full grown sons and daughters who will be under the complete headship of Jesus.

He is rising up an end time overcoming people, a man-child company, a bride, sons and daughters who will complete the work Jesus started on the earth.

They will be seen as a wheel within a wheel completely one with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and one with each other to bring forth the purposes of God’s end time work on the earth.

This wheel within a wheel will be His Body of mature sons and daughters becoming the exact expression of His life on the earth with signs, wonders and miracles revealing the Fathers’ glory.

They will preach and reveal the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as witnesses, and then the end shall come as Jesus foretold in Matthew 24.

The world is going to see a glory filled, pure holy love filled, burning with Holy fire filled, people.

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Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My children I AM is calling to each of you this day. I have been calling many but few respond. Many are forsaking their blessings that I have to offer them because they do not turn to Me in this time as I reach out to them. Because of this many will suffer loss in the coming days. I will remove that which is reserved for them and give it to another – to one who does respond to My pleadings and My hand upon them. Those who respond when I call them will now receive many blessings this day. I do this so that you will not suffer more than need be in the coming famine of both sustenance and My Word, for few seek My Word in this time. Fewer still heed what they read. For this reason, I will remove your blessing and give it to My remnant who are close to Me and will move when I say “move”, or stay put when I say “stay put”. Those who are close to Me will move in great power now as I unleash My Spirit upon them as it is in them, and you will walk in newness of life. Those in the darkness will either come to this Light or be repelled back into the darkness lest their sins be exposed. My children, the time of the great harvest is near upon you. As unrest returns with more ferociousness than before, you My remnant will be carried on wings as eagles and you will be protected in this time. Draw close to Me as I give you instruction, that you may fulfill that which is ordained for you to do – those things prepared beforehand. My obedient children, you are about to embark on the most glorious journey with Me upon the earth, and then I will carry you Home to Me. Draw near, My loves, and we will move mountains. I AM.

Scripture – Jer 14; Rom 13

Source: We Will Move Mountains – Alan Carrico

Once upon a time, there was a woman. Her clothes were tattered and gray. She was imprisoned in a jail called, ‘The Law’.

Source: A Jail Called: The Law ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

I heard, “The devil is a master of disguise,” and I saw the word “RUSE” printed out.

Source: Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

Some of you are thinking about giving up, throwing in the towel or waving a white flag of surrender.

Source: Be Strong and of Good Courage ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: PROPHETIC WARNINGS: Fortune-telling; Horoscopes; Christmas; EMP – Elizabeth Marie