“You have a seed planted in the womb of your spirit beloveds. It is the Spirit of GOD.

Source: Gestational Offerings ~ by Priscilla Van Sutphin

“I will open doors for you that no man can shut, and close doors for you that no man can open,” says The LORD.

Source: He Will Open Doors For You ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

The enemy is trying to take away all creative thoughts by fear, and all contacts people have with each other, by isolation. But he has overplayed his hand!

Source: God is Turning Something Sour Into Sweet! ~ by Heidi Bryden

Just stop and envision yourself as a House filled with Power. Darkness hates to see you coming!

Source: Do You Realize You Are a Powerhouse of God? ~ by Sandi Holman

In a dream this dawn, The Father repeatedly says to us: “My Children oh how I LOVE you!”

Source: The Father Says: “My Children Oh How I LOVE You!” ~ by Jacob Awagah

In a dream an angel said, “The strategies are in the Word,” then said one word, “Yanod!” (I’ve just learned the word means January in Hebrew).

Source: Psalm 91 is the Key! ~ by Heidi Bryden

My little flock of children why are you hiding? Am I not your Good Shepherd My children! You have been given instruction on how to use the weapons of your warfare against the enemy! Am I not a shield and buckler of My Own? If …

Source: RISE UP, RISE UP, RISE UP!!! – MsSophie