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In Jesus’ day, the crowds surged around him viewing hundreds of healing miracles day after day for three-and-a-half years proving He was indeed the Son of God he claimed to be. Mark 3:10 records for history: “After Jesus had healed many people, the other sick people begged him to let them touch him.” Common, everyday folks like you and me recognized Him and put faith in Jesus. In the Gospel of Mark 3:11 even the demons immediately recognized him: “And whenever any evil spirits saw Jesus, they would fall to the ground and shout, ‘You are the Son of God!'” Now remember, the Bible is a book of truth, holy-inspired scripture of the Holy Spirit given to God’s loyal prophets to record because God is truth. There is no falsehood (lying) in Him.

Immediately before this scene in Mark 3:  , Jesus heals a man with a crippled (useless) hand on the Jewish Sabbath, or holy day in full view of the religious leaders (Pharisees). Instead of submitting to Jesus as the Messiah and giving God glory for this amazing act of mercy and healing, scriptures record in Mark 3:6 that “The Pharisees left. And right away, they started making plans with Herod’s followers (politicians of the day) to kill Jesus.” THEY WANT TO KILL HIM!

Jesus knows this full well. He responds in Mark 3:5. “Yet he felt sorry for them because they were so stubborn.” This is just one of the many instances recorded where pride wrestles with faith, as is the theme for much of recorded biblical history. So my question for you is are you going to choose the side of stubbornness or submission? Ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior over your life today. Every chain connected to those evil spirits from verse 11 will fall off of you. You will be a new creation.