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These are the kinds of numbers I pay attention to — the ones that tug at my Spirit. Billy Graham, evangelist to the world, bringer of the gospel of the good news of salvation — an embodiment of the church age — chooses Jesus Christ as his personal savior at a revival meeting with Mordecai Ham exactly 80 years ago tomorrow — the day after Halloween – 1935. Just seems significant. On the very next day from that which is celebrated on 10/31 — a light is made to shine into the world. He responds in obedience and uses his gift of evangelism boldly — never wavering. His crusades have brought untold people into the kingdom of God. His family legacy continues with the evangelistic giftings — a legacy of faith and evangelism passed on by the Holy Spirit to his children including Anne, Franklin and grandson, Will. Mr. Graham has been given a very long life on this blue marble of planet earth — very close to 100 years.

As of today, he is still with us. The Holy Spirit which lives within him still burns brightly as a lamp to the unsaved world. He still intercedes in prayer between God and man — which always comforts me. I consider him to be as Noah’s ark. A doorway which only God can close in due time. Choose the free gift of a pardon from your sins by believing in God’s only son, Jesus Christ, while the door to the church age is still open.  Lay down stubborn pride that you can save yourself by good works…or arrogance in saying that the world will always be as it has been. The Bible gives a definite ending to this present age of grace which only the father knows. One minute after he withdraws his offer of free pardon and you realize your mistake, it will be too late. You will have chosen by default.

After more than 200 years as a democracy, Americans have a difficult time imagining that a time soon will bring a King’s monarchy to earth. 2 Timothy 4:1 says, “When Christ Jesus comes as king, he will be the judge of everyone, whether they are living or dead…” There’s a sobering thought. We won’t vote him in; he will take the world as his rightful kingdom. Jesus will serve as both our judge and attorney — a dual role. Whether you enter His kingdom will be based on whether He knows you or not. God has appointed his son as the gateway. Jesus must have a personal relationship with you to enter the kingdom of heaven.

What about religions that tell you to do good deeds, alleviate suffering, want less material objects, feed the poor…build them houses? All good ideas, but without Jesus as the gatekeeper for his “sheep,” you labor in vain. “But that’s not fair,” you say. All religions should lead straight up after you die if you’ve been “good.”  2nd Tim. 3:17 says, “The Scriptures train God’s servants to do all kinds of good deeds.” So..we’re all down here on earth trying to do good deeds. What is the difference?

We are all sinners in need of a savior. We ourselves cannot build a bridge to God. God himself chose a bridge — his son Jesus Christ — the only name by which you can be saved. Everyone needs to humble themselves and ask God for forgiveness of sins. 1 John 2: 1-2 says, “..But if you do sin, Jesus Christ always does the right thing, and he will speak to the Father for us. Christ is the sacrifice that takes away our sins and the sins of all the world’s people.” So simple to understand, yet one must have faith like a child to accept this free gift while still alive. A second after you die and the ultimate truth is revealed to you in a flash of understanding, it will be too late. The time for faith will have passed and reality will take its place. “God sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. We saw his Son and are now telling others about him. God stays one with everyone who openly says that Jesus is the Son of God. That’s how we stay one with God and are sure that God loves us.”  (1 John 4:14-15). Your free will choice will matter for eternity. Choose Jesus today.