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In June 2011 at night I have my eyes closed at bedtime and see a prophetic vision — a whole montage of white birds in a sort of negative image white on black like camera negatives — one species after another — sea gulls, egrets, swans, doves, snowy owls, etc. I ask Holy Spirit, what it means…what are all these white birds doing? Answer: White birds of the world were created to fight the spiritual battle against a dragon. There are white birds that battle at our sea coasts, over lands and cities, in wetlands…even patrolling at night while God’s human warriors sleep!

I think, “I absolutely in the natural did not know that or even have any inkling that white birds could be part of God’s warrior team.” I feel a sort of ecstatic joy that can only be described as heavenly. I only personally experience the feeling while in communion with Holy Spirit during waking or dreaming — as it must be a preview of the absolute joy we will know in heaven.

I have been so wowed by that ever since. God has such amazing mysteries that we do not know the extent of his workings. I attend Jesus Culture in Folsom, CA, and most often there are white lake gulls wheeling around at the end of services. I smile knowingly. God will place a single white feather for me in my comings and goings in a place where it shouldn’t really be. I thank the Holy Spirit — who is described as a dove and is connected most intimately to Jesus in the New Testament. Noah sends a white dove out to reestablish covenant relationship with the earth. We are in the times of Noah. A repeating pattern. Billy (William) Graham has been preaching God’s repentence for nearly 100 years — the time of ark building. A full-sized ark replica is even being built by the Answers in Genesis team to be complete this summer 2016…as in the days of Noah indeed! Soon the door will close and man will have made his choice. I pray that every day God delays judgement will bring multitudes to his ark of protection. Amen.

(Ink sketch Image purchased on Etsy from Elisaveta Sivas of Originalhorseart in Cyprus…white bird staring at a pomegranate…symbol of life. Got to love that!)