Ode to Joy

Posted: November 22, 2015 in God's Power Breaks Chains, Uncategorized

How does one achieve joy permeating their lives? Today’s headlines are determined to sap joy and replace it with fear…which is the diabolical plan revealed in the Bible verse that explains how the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Not only bodies are being stolen through evil and murder, but joy is being hijacked right alongside.

You see, satan is the great deceiver and counterfeiter. If God comes to give abundant life and joy, then the opposite, spirit of antichrist, prowls looking for ways to bring cowering fear, oppression and suppression of knowledge that Christ promised to return…that believers’ will have a secure heavenly home full of the joy of their Lord. I hear people say that following Christ…being a Christian…looking forward to heaven…is just a big buzz-kill — having to give up earthly carousing, addictions…bowing to the Biblical teaching that a person’s body is the temple in which Holy Spirit lives. But the opposite is actually true.

Heaven will be a place of light, joy and love from the whole trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Worship won’t be some kind of required ritual…but will be spontaneous when presented with the glory and majesty that is God surrounded by His heavenly host of angels and crowds of witnesses to His truth. Joy will burst forth with the realization that you chose to follow Him of your own free will while living on earth for that short time before we all step through death’s door and into eternity.

Hell is not some big frat party. It is the eternal absence of all that is good, holy, lovely and perfect. No light…but memory.  Remembering the chances to choose Jesus, but not repenting out of stubborn pride and arrogance that somehow YOU would be the first person to cheat death of another soul. Time to choose has lessened by one day since yesterday. If you still have breath, you still have time to choose joy.

God’s power can break your chains that tie you to the dark side. So many wait with joyful anticipation of the new Star Wars movie saga. It explores the idea of a dark side and a good force, but from a fictional set of Hollywood authors.  There is a real battle waging for your soul so don’t overlook that you must choose. Not choosing God’s son will become a choice for the “dark side” that will have eternal consequences. Use sound judgment in separating truth from fiction.


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