Thankful for…colors. Revelation from Holy Spirit of their MEANINGS!

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

From the many gifts given by God, this Thanksgiving I am grateful for….colors. We know from the origins of movies and television that a plot and characters can be conveyed adequately through the medium of black and white film…but oh the glorious joy when Dorothy steps through the door of her humble house from Kansas into the land of Oz.

Holy Spirit begins to download a gift of knowledge about color meanings as I am driving, and I have to pull over to hastily record everything being told in rapid succession. Are you drawn to one color more than another? This may be why…

GOLD = love, pure, God’s love, covenant

SILVER = refiner’s fire purchased by the Lamb of God

ORANGE = warrior, boldness, power through faith

YELLOW = courage, wisdom, glory of God, joy

BLUE = infinity, water, prophetic, heavenly realm, unchanging nature of God

TURQUOISE = perfect peace, calm, reflection in Jesus’ eyes

GREEN = prosperity, resurrection, life

RED = blood of Christ, atonement, protection, honoring commitment

PURPLE = royalty, redeemer, joy, incorruptibility, purchase

BROWN = swiftness, promises given

SOFT GREY = ephemeral man, striving for peace, obedient to truth,  compassionate warmth

WHITE = purity, hope, ultimate cleansing

COPPER = transition

PINK = affection, new love

PEACH = warrior in prayer — sheathed before action

Then I ask, rather hesitantly. “What about BLACK?” Answer = man without God, cast off, hopeless, despair, emptiness, heartache, deception, darkness. But also: from the blackest clouds, water can flow. Truth is the antithesis to lies. God’s rainbow, spectrum of 7 colors, is God’s promise of salvation over all until the end of time.

Also: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” is a green statement of truth. “No man cometh to the Father except through me,” speaks of the brown swiftness of instant salvation through faith in Jesus, who hung on a brown wooden tree. “Today you will be with me in Heaven,” Jesus tells the repentant criminal hanging next to him.

Told by Holy Spirit that Trees represent permanence, covenant and life. God’s son, Jesus, hung on a “Tree of life” though evil meant it for death. So paper and wood became a vehicle for His word to be recorded, written down. People have a natural affection for wood built into our DNA by creator. We’re drawn to its spiritual meaning without even knowing why. Books, decks, wooden boats (to carry us through water), docks (to carry us over water), furniture and especially beds which have us literally climb into God’s promise for rest, renewal and life).

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