How closely do you follow the Lord?

Posted: March 26, 2016 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

How close is your daily walk with the Lord who created you…who imagined you specifically from before the foundations of the earth? You were meant to live for such a time as this. You’re not an accident…an oops…a child carefully planned for by your parents…you were made by a Maker…God almighty.

Job 35: 9-10 claims that “In times of trouble, everyone begs the mighty God to have mercy. But after their Creator helps them through hard times, they forget about him.”

“If God took back the breath that he breathed into us, we humans would die and return to the soil. God created us all; he has no favorites, whether rich or poor.” (Job 34: 14-15 & 19)

So….on this Easter weekend, I would challenge you to recommit to following the Lord closely no matter what the circumstances or seasons of your life look like to the natural eye. God knows you personally and is waiting for you to follow his wisdom towards the narrow path that brings life through acceptance of his only Son’s sacrifice on the cross and resurrection to create the one and only bridge from God to man. There are no manmade ladders tall enough to reach towards your own salvation…just that one bridge offered by God. Accept his free offer of salvation today. Walk into your predetermined destiny partnering with God while there is still time.



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