Open the Ancient Gates, so that the Glorious King May Come In

Posted: March 27, 2016 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

“Open the ancient gates, so that the glorious king may come in.” (Psalm 24:7) Doesn’t that just stir your soul? The idea that Jesus, glorified, will as promised return to earth from the same place that he left — Jerusalem, Israel. Those ancient gates that have remained shut until the Prince of Peace arrives, will once again be opened and used to glorify the Lord.

“Who is this glorious king? He is our Lord, a strong and mighty warrior.” (Psalm 24:6) Jesus came the first time as a meek, suffering servant savior — the lamb of God sent to take away the sins of the earth for all who believe. BUT — his 2nd appearance, which is oh so very close after 2,000 some years, will be as a conquering warrior, having the keys to death and Hades. God tells us ahead of time, through his chosen prophets, what the end of this age of grace will be like. We are very close. Choose to believe and join God’s mighty spirit-filled army of believers. The next psalm offers this promise: “You lead humble people to do what is right and to stay on your path.  In everything you do, you are kind and faithful to everyone who keeps our agreement with you. Be true to your name, LORD, by forgiving each one of my terrible sins. You will show the right path to all who worship you.” (Psalm 25: 9-12)


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