Eden’s “Tree of Knowledge” repackaged 2016 as “Tree of Science/Technology” = BEWARE!

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Hell and Heaven are both real places, Holy Spirit speaks truth today

Satan still attempts to tempt through “hidden” or “secret” knowledge that supposedly Father God has hidden from us so that we might not advance and be “as if gods ourselves.” This was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil back in Eden’s garden.

BEWARE = be very cautious. Today’s tree has simply been relabeled the Tree of Science and Technology. Satan entices and makes that which is not lovely and holy appear beautiful and wholesome for his deceptive purposes. He is a liar and deceiver, so just repackages the same deceptions over and over again, but changes them slightly to fit the modern population. He loves lures that are glittery, mesmerizing, “technologically advanced”  and appear to lead upward in fame, possessions, positions, popularity and security. Tragically knowledge is beautiful to look at, but without God’s wisdom, there is no life in it…only an empty path to destruction. Technological advancement is not the ultimate truth. It promises everything but delivers only death…another soul gone to Satan when one’s knee does not bend willingly to Christ but trusts in circuits and electronics.

All with advanced science, engineering and technology degrees are in danger of the sin of pride…thinking your intelligent mind somehow supersedes God’s truth which is immutable, unchangeable, timeless…still relevant though it is often viewed by arrogant and prideful man as little more than superstitions and outmoded thinking. This is the crafty plan of Satan to mislead those of 2016.

Just as money itself is not evil, but the worship of money leads to sin, the worship of technology can lead to deception…a clouding of judgment…a willingness to give up basic rights and freedoms to preserve devices, gadgets and connectivity. Science promises to explain the meaning of life at a cellular, biological level, but without God as the creator of the heavens and earth, so instead ends up spouting foolishness.

Would our world’s citizens willingly give up their devices to save our mortal souls, or is it too late? How strong is their addictive attraction? Could we voluntarily return to a world with the written word of God, his Holy Bible, and little else? Are you outraged at the thought? Do you quiver with the idea of “going backwards?” Have we all become hooked by this fowler’s snare? Realize that technology is a tool, not a path to salvation. God will not be mocked forever by our love and devotion to these electronic things which takes our eyes off what should be our first love, God himself. You have been given freewill to choose your path when you die. There are no atheist scientists in heaven. Scientific knowledge does not take the place of accepting Jesus Christ as your savior, your bridge into communion with our holy heavenly Father. Please just be mindful of the tools you are using and be aware of the growing deception Satan is planning.

Job 15:31 warns, “They have put their trust in something worthless; now they will become worthless like a date palm tree without a leaf.”

Take this message to Holy Spirit for confirmation. Shalom.

“The explanation of your teachings gives light and brings wisdom to the ignorant.”           Psalm 119:130


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