Consider your distractions. How do you choose to spend your time?

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Joy and FAITH

Today all of us are bombarded with media messages that entice and beguile us…promise us…lure us into spending..bind our consciences with, “You deserve the best.” We collect curiosities…trinkets….trophies…possessions…experiences. Satan does not care how you fritter away your time and money as long as he can get your eyes, attention and devotion off of Jesus and His Kingdom business, which is saving souls before eternity arrives.

Angels wait to add to your heavenly home with what you send ahead in building materials. Many of our angels have far too much empty time on their hands waiting for us to accomplish something of eternal value which is what they use to build our eternal dwelling place. All abodes will not be created equally. In these last days, we need to prioritize:

  • Reading, re-reading, memorizing, applying and sharing Bible verses. Jesus is “the Word made flesh” so we are starving ourselves without His Word.
  • Prayer to God in Jesus’ name with Holy Spirit helping when we don’t even know which words to use or how to even form a prayer sometimes. God’s believers started out in unity. We humans have quarreled and separated into different denominations which divided the bod of Christ. We could have accomplished so much more working humbly together. Intercede for the millions who are hopelessly lost in their sins that Holy Spirit would make himself known to them. Pray for the mercy of more time to reach the lost before the close of this age of grace.
  • Praise God with anointed worship music that focuses on His greatness, majesty and victory and that thanks Jesus for his sacrifice and being Lord of our life. We need to be constantly singing or humming, “Holy Spirit you are welcome here…come…bring heaven to earth…have your way in our cities and country. Bring peace and healing to our divided hearts and lands.
  • Give generously to others of your time and talent. Notice and stop to help others less fortunate. God does not need your money for his Kingdom. He has all the funds in the universe. No! Instead God is generously allowing you to partner with him by giving to advance God’s kingdom on earth, which will be counted as righteousness to you.
  • Support Israel and the Jewish people. God has said Jerusalem will be His forever and His covenant will stand. He offers a blessing to those that pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Have you ever asked yourselves what all the fuss is about with this small country that could fit into New Jersey? Very simple. Israel is the apple of God’s eye and He has chosen the Jewish people to bring His laws and wisdom to the world so Satan cannot stand that piece of real estate and will seek to destroy it until the end of time. Keep your eye on the Dome of the Rock — the Islamic temple over the Abrahamic stone where he once bound his son Isaac before God gave a ram to be the atonement sacrifice before His son, Jesus Christ would fulfill that role as the final sacrifice. If it is suddenly destroyed, WWIII will soon follow.

Do not fill your days without sending some of these building materials ahead of you. This heavenly home will need to last you for all eternity. Time and money and effort for Christ, traded here, will provide righteous dividends and you will prove yourself wise in those things that are dear to God’s heart.


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